Journal Time


Recipe Here from Deliciously Ella

Thought it was about time to write some more since all I’ve been doing is posting random pictures and shit.

I want to talk more about my life so bad but I don’t want anyone I know to find this, so I’m only gonna post general stuff.

College has started back and tonight I have been working out. I found the great recipe above and tried it and it’s awesome. I also found out that one of my roommates has a secret blog too! She won’t tell me how to find it, but I didn’t mention that I have one too because I know she would find mine.

Coming back to campus has always meant blues for me. Sure I get to see friends and party again, but I always feel like I’m missing out. So I’ve decided to change things. I’m done with moping around and I’ll tell you how I’m going to do it.

1. Save money by really asking myself if I need it.
2. Stay out of the apartment as long as possible so it feels like a place for rest instead of restlessness.
3. Join more groups and get more involved. I was a member of a certain organization but I quit last year. I’m gonna get back into things.
4. Exercise more since I have more free time and mostly eat things like what you see above.
5. Disregard females, acquire currency.
6. Work hard on my upcoming career, since my time in college is running out. This is actually my last semester.

I hope you didn’t find that too boring. If you did, then tell me what I’m doing wrong. Let me know anything that has changed your life, because I feel that mine’s about to.