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I Got the Blues

Listen To My Blues

Constantly stressin’ bout my profession…I got the blues…

Coming off my last post, I got the blues blues blues! Not from just all the stress of the end of the semester but from the horrible fucking day that I had not making anything better. Plus I don’t know if I even want to go home over winter break. Of course, I want to so I can see my family for Christmas but other than that there is nothing for me in my small hometown. No one to start a relationship with and no way to get any job I would want, so I am forced to leave everyone I know to follow the career path I have chosen. Nothing comes easy.

So back to what happened today. It started with me waking up on the wrong side of the bed – or at least at the wrong time. I woke up at 8:55am and my first class was at 9:20am, so I had to jump up, throw on what I could, and run out the door.

With no makeup on, I made it to class and realized that I was actually supposed to be there earlier. Everyone turned and stared at me.

After class I rushed to finish my part of a group paper, which was due later on in the day. Granted, I should have worked on it earlier but the teacher is really weird and never gives us enough info or time to find all the things we need. I finished it up in time then emailed it to the group leader. Once I sent it I reopened the document to make sure it was good and realized two whole pages with important information were missing.

I had saved the document a hundred times, but the fucking pages just disappeared. I began to panic and looked everywhere on the computer but never found them. Then I rushed off to finish the video portion of the project, which I was in charge of.

Now of course something had to go wrong with it too. Once I got to putting the final touches on it, I realized that the whole voiceover was missing. I had pushed the wrong button on the audio recorder the night before and recorded nothing. I felt like a fucking idiot and rushed to record the audio with my own horrible voice, which made me late for the presentation of the project.

So, I came into the project late looking like shit because everyone was dressed up and I had what I threw together on and no makeup. I had planned on running home to change but had no time thanks to the audio thing. I was in front of some important people too.

Annndd then…without further adieu, the video that made me late for the class didn’t work during the presentation. The professor was disappointed and it made my group look bad as well. I felt like a complete jackass.

I came home after all this, got drunk, went to my night class, came back home and went to sleep, then stayed up half the night. Horrible fucking day. The only good part was coming to my senses in the end and realizing how stressed I am. I had a talk with my roommate and she reminded me about the whole learn from your mistakes thing, and now I actually feel a bit better. And I know you’re not supposed to start a sentence with And….And rereading this I can see how much of a whiney bitch I can be. But today really did suck.



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