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Happy Boxing Day

The day after Christmas may seem a little melancholy to some but I try to keep the holiday spirit up. I still hang out with loved ones and do holiday things like more shopping.


I learned today that in other countries Boxing Day is like Black Friday in the US. It was also a tradition to hunt on this day and way back to give servants gifts in boxes. At first I thought people actually boxed. heh

Speaking of boxing, I had a dream last night with all B’s items. There were people boxing, which is kind of creepy now that I realize what day it is, barbecue, and a book in plastic wrap. These are the only elements from the dream I can remember being there.

In the dream dictionary boxing stood for internal struggle. Barbecue stood for closeness with family and a book stood for knowledge and calmness. All those things are appropriate for this time in my life. I am struggling internally on what future career I should have, I have been close with family over the holidays, and I gained some knowledge in college I guess. I have been much calmer thanks to the break.



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